Bix Products Pty Ltd, the Australian Manufacturers of Bix Wood Biscuit Joiners.
We supply to both the Australian and New Zealand Wood Joinery Markets.

The History of Bix Products Pty Ltd

In 1987 Bix Products Pty Ltd was founded by Neville & June Shaw in Beenleigh QLD. The business idea came from seeing the need for locally made and readily available wood joining biscuits, that would also help keep Australian money circulating here, in Australia. The business became "fair dinkum" with the creation of the BIX registered trademark. The need for purpose-built machinery brought out Neville's inventive skills. He devised the making of various die-sets for each size of biscuit and also developed press feeders, conveyors and a tumbling machine in order to manufacture his first BIX Wood Joining Biscuits.

Neville's first biscuits were made from flooded gum. The manufacturing process back then was very labour intensive (Pre Wintersteiger Frame Saw days) requiring fourteen (14) 100 x 5mm strips to be cut out of 100 x 100mm green flooded gum with our 3" Resaw Band Saw. Those 5.00mm strips where then stripped out  for a couple of months and allowed to air dry to a 12 to 13% moisture content. When dried those strips were then planned on both sides to a very accurate 4.00mm thickness, ready to be pressed out into 3.85mm biscuits.

By 1992, sales of BIX were increasing steadily, to the many Cabinet Making Distribution Shops throughout Australia. So in 1992 Nevilles eldest son Howard who was formerly a foreman with a furniture manufacturing backgound came and joined his parents business. In 1993 after several phone calls to New Zealand distributors, BIX became an exporter of wood biscuits, thus bringing money into our Australian Economy.

By March 1994 good quality Flooded Gum became very hard to get and very pricey, as the "greens" shut up the forests around Mt Lindsay. So on the 28th of March 1994 we moved from Beenleigh QLD, to Port Macquarie NSW to take advantage of the huge supply of locally grown Poplar from a Sawmill at Kempsey. Poplar is a softish, but very tough stringy hardwood ideal for wood joinery.

In 1995 a milestone in production simplification and output occured when Bix Products purchased a Wintersteiger (Thin-Cutting) Frame Saw and Blade-Sharpening Machine from Austria. The DSG 150 Eco Frame Saw revolutionised production as we now recovered eighteen (18) 100 x 4mm strips from two (2) lengths of 100 x 50mm Timber. An increase of four strips over the previous method. Nine (9) very productive years later at the end of 2004 the huge supply of Poplar began to run out as it was fast disappearing, as another business turned the Poplar trees into timber pallets.

So, in 2005 the search was on again, to find another suitable timber for the manufacture of Bix Biscuits. We eventually sourced Australian Grown Plantation Hoop Pine from South East Queensland. Unlike most other softwood timbers, the growth rings in QLD grown Hoop Pine are almost non-existent, which provides a stable texture of timber across the grain thus minimising the tendency for splitting. Hoop Pine Biscuits love absorbing wood glue thus giving a strong firm wood joint as they swell back to there original thickness of 4.00mm.

In 2005 , Bix Products moved again to a larger manufacturing facility in Port Macquarie. Neville and June also decided to retire that year, and now live at Edens Landing in Queensland. Their son Howard Shaw has now managed Bix Products Pty Ltd since their retirement in 2005.

On the 28th of June 2009 BIX moved all of its Manufacturing and Office to a very suitable factory at 8 Commerce Street in Wauchope NSW.

It's now April 2014, Bix Products moves proudly into the future, hand in hand with Australia's tradesman, handymen and retailers of quality wood and timber products. We now have this website that has lots of good product information and an online shop so that anyone can order and purchase Bix Wood Joiners easily within just a few minutes of logging on. You are always welcome to call Howard Shaw on 02 6586 0771 for a chat about any queries or questions that you may have.

Happy Woodworking.

BIX now manufactures the NEW SIZE 95 SPLINE WOOD JOINER, that is ideal for STRONG CONTINUOUS WOOD JOINTS.

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