1 Satchel of 1000 Size 20 Bix Wood Biscuit Joiners

Product no.: BIX 20-1000

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Delivery weight: 3 kg
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Product Item Code: BIX 20-1000
Maximum Weight: 3.0 kg  Biscuits per Satchel: 1000
Using a 100 x 4mm Biscuit Slot Cutter, cut slots 12.5mm deep.

Available quantities of this and similar products are:
Satchel Weight:        0.5kg        1.0kg        1.5kg        3.0kg        5.0kg

Standard Hoop Pine: 20-210      20-420       20-630      20-1000     20-2000
Densest Hoop Pine:  20D-180   20D-360    20D-540    20D-900    20D-1800
Paulownia Timber:    20P-250   20P-500     20P-750   20P-1000   20P-2000
Hardwood Biscuits:  20H-120   20H-240    20H-360    20H-630    20H-1260



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